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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hellooooooo Ooouuuut Therrrrrrrrre....

YES, I'm new to this, YES I make Jewelry, YES my husband says I'm spoiled and that I think everything should happen when I think it should happen - so that being said "Where Are You?"
Patience they say...Well, I'm a Libra and I'm not good at being patient, and I've always had more attention then I needed or wanted, so where are all of my admirers?
Whining you say?
Alright, I'll snap out of it - I've been sniffly and sick all week but I am definitely feeling better today...

Last night on DWTS, I was good with the results, but what did you think of co-hosts' Samantha Harris' bib necklace?  Wasn't that spectacular?  Well, I loved it.  You know there is no reason to see "celebrity" type jewelry only on celebrities. As a teen or young adult I would never have worn anything that made such a bold statement - but today I sure would.  AND, I'd make one for you too if you would wear one.
I think it has to do with becoming comfortable in your own skin - truly understanding what works for you and also knowing how to make such a statement without looking silly or clownish.  I have some large statement type rings in my store that are definitely not for everyone.  But me...I have to keep my willpower nice and strong so that I can sell these rings to YOU! 

Now this ring is Jade and it is set in Sterling Silver and trimmed with Cubic Zirconia.  It is a size 7, and weighs in at a ful 9.9 grams! We're talking 24 x 20mm.  It's gorgeous! How about $45.00? Well - Check out my web shop where it is for sale. That would be at  http://www.janaesjewelsandjems.com/.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping It Simple...

I have done quite a few jewelry listings today on Etsy - will do vintage linens tonight on eBay. As I expand my internet horizons trying to expand my online jewelry business I keep trying to figure out the right formula for success.

Now - I understand the jewelry market is saturated and has been for quite some time - but do you know exactly what it is that the consumer is looking for? I don't know that I believe it is totally price driven...so what is it?

Well - until I have answers, I have decided to keep it simple. Same quality materials in sterling silver and solid golds, same genuine semi-precious and precious gemstones but the designs are less complex.

Today I made a simple Sterling Silver necklace of faceted 8-9mm Tourmaline rondels. 17.5 inches, with 7 wired muli-colored tourmaline pendants. I missed the afternoon sun, so the color is not that great. What's the price you ask? $29.99 in my Etsy store.

Maybe I'll make a pair of matching earrings...
And seriously folks - would love your comments - don't be shy now.
Peace Out

Monday, September 28, 2009

All of My Best Laid Plans...Gone to the Sniffles

Yes, I finally got caught by the cold that has been visiting my immediate family over the past three to four weeks. So, my jewelry production rate for a Monday is really low BUT I've been spending time reading blogs, etsy forums and taking my fellow crafters advice in joining up and coming craft sites.

Thanks to Divine3Designs for the lead in to MyCraftCorner...a new site which has much to offer. ALSO, for the lead to http://entrecard.com/rr/54056 (for free) which is a blog promotion service.

I'm pretty diverse in my jewelry crafting abilities but there is so much more that I want to learn. I get excited at the opportunities in metalsmithing and last night got psyched up reading (once again) about Art Clay in Sterling Silver and Gold. I actually bought some of the SS and tools a couple of years ago but never took the time to really "learn" how to use it. So, last night I googled for "gold art clay" and "pmc art clay" and actually didn't find much in the way of product but I did find a really great review on eBay with some great tips and a bibliography. On Etsy I was able to find one of the acclaimed and recommended books, Art Clay Silver and Gold by Jackie Trudy, so I bought it.

I cannot give up on my love of solid gold though I know that it's pricey - but with what the average person spends over a lifetime in jewelry, why not keep a few pieces budgeted that will last a lifetime. No slam on fashion jewelry - I am also drawn to that - I just want all of you to look at the affordability of yellow, rose and white gold used in gemstone designs.

Check out my 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals, Cocoa Brown Akoya Pearls and Smoky Quartz. It's listed for $38.99. Affordable? Let me know what you think.
Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are Your Prices Set in Stone?

Had a flurry of miscellaneous sales on eBay over the weekend...look to be pre-Holiday sales. My buyers are looking for bargains. I can't say that I blame them as I shop in the "clearance" aisles first myself!
I need to know Dear Jewelry Community, are you offended when a buyer asks for a deal on an item with a set price? In searching forums all over the Internet I see that many buyers are annoyed by potential buyers that make an offer lower than the posted price...
These are my thoughts.
I would love to sell all of my fine jewelry at top dollar but I always take into consideration..
a. How long has it been in inventory?
b. Am I better off holding on to it - or - selling it?
c. Would fabulous feedback encourage other buyers?
So, I take all offers on a case by case basis.

As a long-term eBay seller, I have learned that you have to take risks. eBay offers you an option to list an item with a set price and also a "best offer" opportunity. I use this on higher price items that I may or may not be willing to part with at the "best offer" price. Most times a successful purchase involves some negotiation between the buyer and myself - but that's OK. It works by way of moving inventory into the marketplace, word of mouth praise through feedback you see and so much more that you cannot see.

So, would I be offended if a potential Etsy buyer convo's me to make a deal on multiple purchases or makes an offer on a higher priced item? Heck no, only I can make that decision based on my sales, my overhead, my profit margins and my life on that particular day.

Take Chances! The competition is stiff out there...

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a Fab Friday on the East Coast...

Have you noticed that personalization in jewelry is back in a big way?
I am seeing more requests for initials/names engraved on sterling silver and incorporated into bracelet and necklace designs...not only for teens, but for Moms and Grandmothers alike.

How about single sterling silver ovals, rounds or hearts on a bracelet...or spell out each childs name and mix it up with gemstones for a memorable necklace? Looks like a trend for the Holidays - and I'm ready - so bring it on! My favorite jewelers Greg Levin and Ernie Ross at Ernie Ross Jewelers are ready (and kind enough) to do all the engraving that I need which saves me the expense of purchasing equipment.

Speaking of jewelers...don't forget that I do partner with Greg Levin who is one of the most talented bench jewelers in my region. If you are looking for a specific design in precious metals of any kind, just reach out to me on this blog or convo me through my Etsy Shop (see link below) for a custom design of heirloom quality.

So what trends are you seeing?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today is a HodgePodge...

You know...when you have a million things to do and hope you have the stamina and fortitude to stay focused and complete the tasks!

So far today...I have scoured Etsy's Alchemy for projects to bid on...

Gone through Etsy forums and turned on my Google Alerts ...

Seen that on new Etsy listings "Google Preview" is now working and you may need to tweak your titles to get your best exposure

Ended up trashing yetserdays Amethyst necklace...just could not feel it as it progressed so bagged the components for another time...BUT...did make a couple of cool items..
Check out my blue graphic feldspar necklace and (sort of) matching bacelet with sterling silver.
The blue is so dark blue it looks black to me but I just went with it and used focals in blue/black chalcedony - so I'm calling it black...what about you?
After I post my pics here will push for the rest of the day...got orders to mail, errands to do etc, etc, etc
Til tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Gemstones and Sterling Silver

I was excited to receive new shipments of jewels and jems consisting of Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and much, much more over the last few days so...last night while watching the ladies of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) I was wracking my brain for some "NEW" inspiration.

After staring at my new pretties for awhile, I started with some Amethyst back drilled Marquise gemstones paired with Swarovski crystals in 4-5mm and 6-8mm. After some experimentation, I have designed a double strand that will attach via amethyst and sterling silver components to either a single strand or double strand of sterling silver chain.

Can't wait to finish - should be easy since it is in my head now. Just waiting now for UPS to deliver some findings and components for me to choose from. I'll be sure to publish the results and see what you think...

Any new ideas from you?

Let's have an Open Conversation...

What can I do to help you today?
What can I learn from You today?

If you are an online seller you know that the competition is really tough. I design and craft jewelry for all occasions - so what makes me stand out in the crowd?
Is it my one of a kind designs?
Is it my quality metals, gemstones and attention to detail?
Is it my Brand? Pictures? Creativity?

I strive every day to try something new, to incorporate fresh ideas, to inspire new sales, to reach more of you.

Let's share together...Let's see where this goes!