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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Open Letter to Bristol Palin....

OK - So I'm an AVID "Dancing With The Stars" fan...since Season One.
Tonight is the finale - and I am compelled to end my "blogging" break after the tumultuous season of dancing drama involving Bristol Palin's quest to win the mirror-ball trophy.

I have been increasingly distressed over the last few weeks of the season - but more so tonight in viewing Bristol Palin's package where Bristol addressed those that HATE her and her mother.  Oh My Goodness...Is that where we have come to? 

Let me be perfectly clear Bristol...  I have enjoyed immensely watching you grow as a dancer over the last few months.  I think that you are a very sweet young woman who has been thrust into the fickle spotlight of celebrity which you are often uncomfortable with.  Your son is adorable and your family support has been steadfast. We've seen your confidence grow in many ways allowing you to have fun on the dance floor and  gather better scores from the judges.

But HATE, Bristol?  Not from me...

I want to be able to speak the truth and still be kind Bristol.  As sweet as you are, I'm voting for Jennifer and Derek to win the mirror ball trophy....I've even thrown some of my votes to Kyle and Lacey.  And before that to Brandy and Max.  Why?  Because DWTS is a Dance Competition!  I am so disappointed to have seen politics drawn into any of this.  That's why you are feeling the hatred Bristol as mis-guided as it is...because the water has been muddied to the point where a great portion of America feels that they have to be either for you or against you.

THAT is where you are getting hurt.  You have put forth an honest effort - a valiant one at that - but we DWTS die-hard fans want the best dancer to win.  Not to hurt you....

Believe me...


  1. I didn't even bother watching this year, usually I like DWTS but I just wasn't into the idea of Palin being on it. Honestly I thought she'd be kicked off much earlier, and when she got saved over Brandy (who from what I heard was a much better dancer) there was a huge controversy over that. I've heard for next season they're going to adjust the scoring method so that the judges scores count more heavily, and I think that's a good thing. After what happened with Master P and the young lady from the Cheetah Girls (drawing a blank on her name here) in past seasons I would have thought they'd have done something sooner. I mean, heck, Season One the first person voted off was a fantastic dancer! I would have liked to see more of her.

  2. You're right Ruth - there has been some controversy each season. And though some seasons have had an audience fav stay on longer than the dancing actually deserved, I think this is the 1st time that there has been a real "underdog" make it to the finals. And yes, Brandy was an amazing performer. I can only imagine how incredible the finals would have been with Jennifer, Kyle and Brandy.
    Actually, I am just so relieved that common sense prevailed and all of the true dancing fans actually VOTED!!!

    Great to hear from you, Ruth

  3. Ruth and janaes i am totally agree to your discussion thanks for great ideas.

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