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Monday, February 1, 2010

Freshwater Pearls Anyone?

Oh, I love Pearls!

I think that Pearl jewelry is almost a rite of passage for adolescent girls to womanhood...

Even if you are waiting to be "old" enough to wear them....you still have to have a string of your own.

Well, it was definitely that way for me...and has been for my daughters as well.  My younger girls have junior strings that were gifted to them from their Aunt Kate years ago, and then the 2 Brides have senior strings that they wore when wed.

But the point of this post is to show you some pearls...my designs that vary in style from traditional to funky!  Your pearls don't have to be your Grandmothers pearls anymore!

5-6mm Freshwater Pearls in Creamy White with 14k White Gold Beads and Faceted Light Blue Aquamarine Briolettes

All of the metal is 14K White Gold...Look at the Fish Hook Clasp...totally Sturdy!

Soft and Pretty Sparkly Briolettes!

Check this Necklace out at janaes jewels on Etsy
The price may suprise you...

Now lets look at a totally different style...

This is a nice and chunky string of Amber Nuggets with top strung Freshwater Pearls in the same soft Orange or Bronzey tones.
It is tumbled and the gemstones are flexible enough to move pretty freely.

Now, you couldn't see the pretty bronze coral tubes before...Suprise!
And the Fish Hook Clasp on this Beauty is in 14K Yellow Gold

Totally Funky and Cool for ANY age!
This is a real signature piece
So, where can you purchase it?
Check it out here in my eBay Store 
The price is incredible!

So, that's it for today...BUT I have so much more to show you.  Come back soon!


  1. There are SO many wonderful freshwater pearls out there in all shapes, sizes, colors...it's truly amazing. Even FACETED pearls, which I love when they're done right.

    I'm a total pearl addict. :) I need therapy!

  2. Just before Christmas last year one of the jewelery stores had a special deal going to get people in the store. They were selling a choker length string of black pearls for $10.00. Of course I bought them. They aren't perfect but I think that gave them an even better look. They are all round but some have just a slight flatness here and there. They even came with a certificate stating that they were "real" and how to care for them. I too love pearls.

  3. Yes, I def agree that the imperfections make pearls so much more interesting!

  4. oh that's all so lovely. i love pearls as well. the orange pearls--wow, i'd love to have those someday :)

  5. I agree with Ibyang, those orange pearls are very beautiful. Lets see who gets them first :)

  6. I'm enjoying reading your point of view here in your posts.....I'm a new reader but will be back to check out more!


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