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Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a Mixed Bag Today...

I'm still a fairly new blogger...been about 4 months now.

I really like it...

My original goal was to promote my jewelry line, but I found the opportunity to network outside of my comfort zone on so many different levels intoxicating.

I mean, to discuss my own personal goals, my families struggles, some new designs, debate politics, current events, meet FABULOUS new friends...this is great!

Not that there aren't frustrations - how to balance the time required to produce a thoughtful post without feeling depressed for it....the impatience to build a following...working at getting the "it" that compels strangers to care and come back.

It's working at acceptance that I've always taken for granted...you know where you only have a very few seconds to catch a readers eye while they drop and run...wait a minute...what did she say????

And then watching your followers straggle in, EC numbers go up...and down, daring to take another step into the realm....

Like I said - I am loving it - and loving all of you. 

The good and the bad of it all. 

Keep it coming at me...

Peace out...


  1. Hi Janaes,
    Hang in there!
    Why don't post something about some new pieces of jewelry that you havn't yet listed in your shop? Ask some questions. Karen of WillOaksStudio does that all the time.
    I am posting some new jewelry tomorrow, Monday February 15th. Take a peek!

  2. Hi there found your blog from fly-on-the-wall...
    Blogging is such a sanity saver for me...I am watching your jewlery scroll on your side bar and you have some LOVELY pieces!!!!

  3. thanks Georgie!
    appreciate your stopping by...

  4. Anna,
    Thank you for your suggestions! I will be stopping by daily to check out your new items.

  5. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for anything you wish to talk about. I enjoy seeing someone's new creations but it's also fun to learn more about the artists behind those creations. I say that as someone who started blogging about jewelry but now my pets do the blogging!

    Anyway, thank you for visiting our blog today and writing about your Layla! I totally understand what you meant and appreciate you sharing your experience.

  6. It's tough to start - especially selling. Sometimes you really have to build up feedback first. Thats the biggest hurdle. If you can, buy supplies where you sell and that will help :)

    Stopping by from harriets comment love and nice to meet you,

  7. Hi there.
    I'm stopping by to thank you for signing up to participate in Blog Love Commenting this month.
    Thanks so much!


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