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Friday, February 5, 2010

Thankfully Another Successful Surgery...

I speak of my family often.

And of Hubby in particular...

You see he has been incredibly supportive of me throughout our friendship, relationship and marriage and especially through the last incredibly tough two years since I was layed off after 20 plus years working in Telecom and Data as a Project Manager.

I looked at the time off as temporary and an opportunity to make a go of my fledgling online jewelry business while collecting unemployment for the first time in my life.

But then the economy hit the skids...and it became increasingly difficult for me to gain the ground I imagined in the glut of online crafters and jewelry designers. So, what to do?  Find a "real" job and continue my jewelry venture on the side as before - that was what I needed to do.

Long story short...I haven't been able to find a job, and all of the terrible things that happen when your household income drops in half are happening to hubby and me.  I will spare you the details, because we all know what they are and the point of my story isn't that...it is how incredibly HARD it is on a marriage and how INCREDIBLE hubby has been in in handling all of this without turning his back on me or us.

He had a successful surgery today to open blocked arteries in both his legs...Three months ago he had his second prostate surgery in three months time.  If he has his way, he will be at work on Monday morning overseeing contractors with our local Housing Authority (from whom he retired from full time work 7 yrs ago) to ease some of our financial difficulty.

Tonight at the hospital hubby's blood pressure was sky high.  I worry about how "hanging in there" is wearing on him. I sit here tonight and wonder what it will take to put some of the pieces of our life back together so that we can be well both physically and mentally. 

While I'm soul searching, any input would be highly valued. 

Valentines Day is coming...I Love you Hubby!


  1. Go to chacha.com and apply to be a guide. It is not for everyone, so be sure to look around, and understand what they do, but they are currently hiring.

  2. Try About.com as well. They are always looking for guides.

    Also, don't give it a time frame...life doesn't work that way. I know it's been far too long already, but the right situation will come along, just hang in there, breathe in and breathe out and pray.

  3. I don't have any suggestions, just well wishes for you both. What a difficult time you have been having! Let's hope he gets well soon and things turn around for both of you. :)

  4. very touching post...no fluff..no despair either...prayer for both of you...and speedy, but not too speedy recovery for your hubby...:))

  5. Just wanted to let you know I'll be praying for your husband's health and for an improvement in the financial situation. Trust me, I completely understand how that affects a marriage. (((hugs)))

  6. I have no advice to give. You make lovely jewellery and your post is well-written. You have potential. I hope spring will give you good fortune and good health.
    I wish I could say more or offer some really good advice. But the commenters before me have already done that.
    Best wishes
    Anna of Anna's Adornments

  7. Melissa; I have long admired your blog - and of course your jewelry! Thank you for the tip on chacha.com. I have looked at it, and am seriously considering giving it a try as soon as things slow down a bit.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to share and respond...(sm)

  8. Anna; Thank you for your input. I find answers on About.com all of the tiem - particularly about crafting. It never occurred to me to look into it for me!!!???
    Your kindness though - has really touched me. Thank you for that.

  9. Lin; Thank you so much for sharing your well wishes with me. I cannot express how touched I am, and how much it means to me. You are very appreciated!

  10. Amy Lilley Designs; I laughed while my eyes were brimming with tears. No doubt you have read my replies to the posts before you, and I am just so full of warmth and good feelings from the kindness of the friends I hadn't met yet! Thank you...

  11. Lynne; Thank you so much for the prayers - and I definitely appreciate the HUGS!!! It is amazing how touched I truly feel for the posts that each of you has taken the time to share with me. TY..(sm)..!

  12. Anna; Tears again, but happy tears. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, read my blog and inspire me to continue on the path wherever it leads. I took my laptop in to read your comments and everyones comments to Hubby. I needed to do that for him and for me.
    I am so very grateful....

  13. Oh I am so sorry to hear the pain your family is going through during these tough times. I will pray for hubby's health and I will pray for you to find what you need to make your finances a better situation so hubby doesn't have to worry anymore.

    I feel blessed we have become blog friends.

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  15. TFOTW - Thanks so much for your inspiring words...and I got a google alert that you featured me on your blog today...
    Thank you so much.
    Blessed Indeed...

  16. Reetha - Excellent advice. I will get on (figuring out) the "top commentator" idea right away. Coincidently, I just took notice of that feature on another blog yesterday...
    Also - re: Entrecard...I gotta give them kudos for all of the awesome blogs and bloggers I have met over the last few months!
    Thanks for writing.


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