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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

25% Discount on Jewelry for My Blog Readers

OK - so I was thinking...how can I increase my sales and my blog readership at the same time?  I can't afford to give away the store, but I can offer a 25% discount on all jewelry in my Etsy shop to my blog readers...

So, here's the deal.  If you have read this promo on my blog take a quick visit to my Etsy shop, pick some stuff out,  contact me through Etsy and use promo code "25jjblog" so that I know to discount your purchase.  If you prefer to buy and pay without the discount up front I will reimburse you when I process your order. 

Here's a new listing for you to ponder...
It's a gorgeous new Smoky Quartz Pendant set in Sterling Silver with a 20 Inch chain for $35.00. Well, that's before your discount - right?

Oh yeah - before you have to ask...this will remain in effect until midnight 1/21/09.

Take a chance...What do you have to lose???

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