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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fall Out From MA Senate Election

Phew....I'm tired.

I live in Massachusetts and we just finished (like you don't know-sm) our special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy's senate seat.

It was a full two weeks of back to back to back to back commercials from each of the candidates (Martha Coakley and Scott Brown) and their supporters.


Today I joined in the nationwide online and social network debate as to the pros and cons of republican Scott Brown's victory over democrat Martha Coakley.  Maybe I should have skipped it.

As a democrat (although a somewhat conservative one) I just cannot understand how we all (dems and gop's) have the same concerns but percieve the way to get relief so differently.

I mean, no one volunteers to get layed off (like I did 2 yrs ago after working in an industry for 22 yrs), but I did...
I wish I could get another job - in ANY industry, but I have not been able to...
I wish I wasn't living under the threat of foreclosure, but I am...
I wish that my health insurance premiums (obtained through my husbands retirement benefits) hadn't gone up significantly TWICE in the last 6 months - along with the deductibles and co-pays, but they have...

I can't pretend to have the answers to all of these issues... heck no... but we won't find the answers in the extremists diatribe either.  We won't even touch the real issues without some real bi-partisan diologue on the local and national level.

And the TRUTH!

Give us all the strength to recognize it when we hear it.

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  1. Getting at the truth is definitely very important and something that has been forgotten, I think. My parents and my kids are on Social Security, we all got letters a couple weeks ago stating that, since there (supposedly) was no cost of living increase over the past year there would be no cost of living adjustment to our payments. I read that and my first thought was "Yeah Right! Any idiot can see the cost of living has been going up!" My mother can't believe it either, her Medicare copay nearly doubled and yet her SS income stayed the same. Why can't they just cut the BS and admit they're doing it as a cost-cutting measure? It's like they think we're stupid or something.

    What happened to the transparency we were promised during the presidential campaign?


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