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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Formulas for Me AND Check Out These Birds!

I've noticed that many bloggers are using formulas for their day to day posts.  I wish I was clever enough to come up with some new original ones - I cannot even remember what Tuesday is supposed to represent. 

I really only recall that Wednesday is often "Wordless" which means pictures - and I'm not prepared for that either.  Besides, Wednesday in my house is "Wacky" or so says 6 yr old Grandson Aiden who stays with us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and gets teased endlessly by Papa Rick...which is supposed to signify that it is Wednesday...

But it isn't...

It's still Tuesday!

HEY! Just thought of something...

I'm in the Northeast - 60 miles south of Boston in MA, to be exact.  We had significant snow over the past couple of weeks, and early Saturday morning, hubby called me to come look at the HUGE birds perched in the trees that border the woods behind my house.  There were 3 ...do any of you fine readers recognize them?  Let me know.  I'm the only one in my neighborhood that has rare/strange bird and animal sightings.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post some of the pictures of tracks in my back yard....

At any rate - the birds sat in my tree for about 3-4 hrs and then were gone.

Til tomorrow....


  1. Those would appear to be Turkey Vultures:-)

  2. yes, nm-angela. I believe you are right! I actually found on a wildlife preservation website a real pic of one last nite. I'm a city girl by birth (and mindset) and am totally amazed by the wildlife in my back yard. I'm going to post my "bigfoot" photos the next day or two...see what you think.
    Thanks for your input.

  3. did you try the audabon society?
    also, have i told you about seeing deer on my way to work over by the faulkner hospital and allandale farm?

  4. yes, I actually did visit the audubon society website. They are def turkey vultures by the pics I found...although I underestimated their size immensely. They are huge birds.

    no, you hadn't told me about the deer on the way to work. So you can imagine what's lurking in my woods then - huh?


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