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Friday, January 8, 2010

Found Jewelry...

I have had an eBay store for about 4 years now janaes jewels and jems .  I opened an Etsy store in March of 08, but didn't stock it up until August of 09 janaesjewels.  In addition, I have had .com and .net webstores that just didn't have enough "oomph" to justify the monthly fees plus the cost of doing business.  I have runs of good sales and here and there some really great sales...and then there are the dry spells. 

Long story short, I have TONS of inventory.  Every once in a while I'll destash and list pieces for cost just to make room for new styles and pieces.  Well, I did that late last summer and lo and behold I sold a watermelon quartz necklace that I couldn't find ANYWHERE.  I'm telling you - I tore my house up cause where the heck could it have gone?

Finally contacted the buyer, apologized profusely and offered her any other piece in my shop (up to a generous limit) for the same price.  So, I kept a happy customer but it has bothered me to no end.

Well, last night I found my mystery "lost" necklace.  And I now remember the exact circumstances that caused me to "lose" it.  I answered an alchemy request from a new b&m shop on Etsy that was looking for a wholesale lot of jewelry to buy.  Of course, since I design a full line of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces I made up a "to die for" lot of medium end jewelry at rock bottom prices.  After I took the pics, wrote the descriptions and put in a bid - I also put the lot of jewelry aside because I just KNEW that she would buy it.  Who wouldn't? 

Well, she didn't....actually I never heard from her (I was brand new - had no sales and no feedback in Etsy) and I totally forgot about it.  Found it last night!  OMG - like I said it was a good size lot including the missing watermelon quartz necklace...and amongst other pieces 5 sterling silver gemstone rings! 

I've thought about those rings in particular but figured I had sold them or given them away.

So, I've got to redo the pics and re-measure the gemstones, and resize the rings and bracelets for accuracy.  How the heck did I manage to lose so much? 

Well - it's a new year.  2010 will be my time to reorganize along with reenergizing. And, get to listing!

It can't sell if I don't list it...right?


  1. Are we sisters? The same happens to me too. I try to get a system to put my things away, but then I can't find anything anymore. LOL!

    One of the best tricks to make people notice you is a give-away on another blog. Either of an item or a giftcard. It sure helps.

  2. Too funny! My husband tells me all of the time to keep a "ready to ship" box which I do - BUT - I'm always taking things out of it to show people, demonstrate, take pics...you know.

    Jewelry is no good away in a box!

    I have done one blog giveaway for MistyRidge Designs. It was a great success. Would be totally willing to do another. If you're interested let's talk...

    on my way to check out your blog now....

  3. I've done something similar. I had a pair of earrings listed, sold them on Etsy, but then couldn't find it. I had to rush to made a replacement.
    Wouldn't you know, the day after I shipped the ones I made, I found the original pair of earrings.

    I need to get better organized.

  4. Contrariwise....that is SOOOOOO me! Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping to find your etsy shop to check it out....


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