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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beatles Rock Band - SO Much Fun!

Hubby and I got the Beatles Rock Band for the Wii for Christmas.  We are having so much fun with it! I'm really thinking that we need to get another guitar and a couple more mics so that we can attempt some of the Fab Fours harmonies...

I'm the resident singer, my son is really good on the bass and my grandson Aiden prefers the drums.  I would love a break on the singing - but Hubby hasn't warmed up to the whole "karaoke" singing bit.  I have though...it is really a blast singing all of the old songs....that you kind of know by heart or at least you thought you did...(sm)

I'm thinking we'll be ready for a rock band party by the end of the month!

Cleaned jewelry this morning...took pics this afternoon and did some listing this evening....after my performance of course.

It was a fun day....

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