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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kids Almost Always Need Their Moms...

Even when they grow up...

I know I am lucky to hear from and see my adult kids all of the time.

I have 4 kids from my 1st marriage and Hubby has 2, together which makes 2 sons and 4 daughters and 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

When they were young and had trouble getting along, I stressed to them that they needed to be able to resolve conflicts on their own.  Life lessons, right?

How could I possibly take sides about who was right and who was wrong? 
How could I know what really had happened? 
How could I know who was telling the truth? 

After all it is all so subjective...and how could I judge between all of these kids that I loved soooo much?

My bottom line became "If you cannot get along together in the same room, then separate until you can".

What I didn't count on was that here they are all well seasoned adults and they still come to me to resolve their differences.  

It's just as tough!


Rather than focusing on the negative, or how they cause me angst at times...I am still smiling.

I know that many parents due to time and distance see their children and grandchildren not nearly enough and I am so blessed to see (most of) mine several times a week if not weekly. 

During the summer, our house with the large backyard and pool is party central and we all have a blast.

Holidays, weekends, school vacations, any excuse...we make great use of the terms "parents" and "family" and we love it!

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