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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Foot Tracks in the Snow - What Am I?

As previously stated, I am the only one in my suburban neighborhood (that borders woods) that admits to seeing wildlife in my woods and back yard.  Being a city girl (raised in Boston, MA) I am not very familiar with undomesticated animals.

You see, last year in early summer I saw what was to me a HUGE bird.  It was at least 4 feet tall with a very long neck and a very large butt of dull toned feathers about 12-15 feet ahead of me.  My pomeranian and I had just walked into the woods and we both froze when we saw the bird and we startled it as well.  I was doubly shocked when it started to lift off - it looked way to heavy to gain any height and as it lifted I worried about it clearing the trees - but it was OK. 

I've never seen it since...but what I have learned is that when I hear all kinds of "chattering" in the woods it is definitely indicative of a less than ordinary presence. 

Now, last January when I saw these tracks in my back yard I took pics so that fewer people called me crazy.  What baffles me is the stride....as it only looks like one foot at a time with 12-15 inches inbetween.  Also, the size of print which is enlarged due to the snow I'm sure...is still about 10-12 inches.

So what do you think?

The tracks went from the woods in my back yard to the driveway...have more but this is probably the best representative.


  1. Could it have been a wild turkey? I'm in MA too and we see turkeys in our neighborhood sometimes. I've never seen them in trees like the pic from your other post though.

  2. they look kinda like bunny tracks!

  3. those are interesting tracks. It would have had to be one big bunny!


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